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Jessy's Dogtown Grooming

Kisses & Cuddles Included

Pet Service in Smithers, British Columbia

We host an unconventional environment where the dog’s health and happiness are first.

We offer free boarding for sociable dogs on grooming days for people from out of town or that have to work all day. Earliest drop off of 7:30 and latest pick up of 6:30, prediscussed.

Our Grooming Prices


Dog Size

Short Hair

Bath, De-shed and Nails

Small Up to 30Lbs.
$25 – $35
Medium Up to 50 Lbs
$35 – $45
Large/Extra Large Depends on Dog
$65 +





Dog Size

Long Hair

Full clip, Pads Bath and Nails

Small Up to 20Lbs.
$45 – $65
Medium Up to 40 Lbs
$55 – $75
Large/Extra Large Depends on Dog
$85 +




PLEASE NOTE: Dogs with heavily matted coats and/or dogs with aggressive temperament, may be subject to an extra cost.

Late Arrivals & Appointment Cancelations



For less than 24 hours cancelation notice, 15 minutes late or no show, we will have to charge $25 dollar for rebooking fee.

On the second offense, a customer will be required to make a non-refundable prepayment to schedule a new appointment.

Yes! I do groom large breeds. 💕



That being said, please understand that I charge $35-50 per hour depending on these basic things…..
Have they been groomed ever or even in the last 6 months? Age? Coat? Temperament?
Do you brush them?
Keep in mind that even though I’m tall I’m also a tiny woman and an 80 lb dog is WAY stronger than I am. I don’t have staff, I wrangle these kids on my own. As I work alone, I may require owner assistance.

We love Cats too! 💕

I usually used to say no to cats but have been doing more of them. Because I’ve been doing more I’ve been getting better too.
If you need your cat done I have a few stipulations though. I don’t restrain so someone needs to stay with me to help. Charge is $65 flat rate plus tax.

I do nails between grooms!


I would just like to remind regular grooming clients that I do nails between grooms for free. Once monthly is recommended. It just takes a couple of minutes and your pups appreciate it. And when I say regular I mean 3 months or less on a continual basis.

From Our Clients

What happy customers say about Jessy’s Dogtown Grooming services

I have to say, that if I lived closer to Jessy, I would be bringing my dogs to Jessy for all of my grooming. Sadly, geography got in the way and I am unable to drive the 9 hours to get my babies to Jessy anymore. I have a tiny Japanese Chin who panics when I bring out the nail clippers or the brush, but when she was with Jessy she would relax and allow Jessy to bathe her, brush her, trim and clean up her fur and clip her nails without any fuss. My terrier x and my chihuahua/pomeranian were the same. They loved the attention they got with Auntie Jessy. My only complaint is that Jessy lives 9 hours away and my local groomer has left me less than satisfied, so we have to go to PG in order to get half the services Jessy gives for double the price!.”

Mindy Olson

“Jessy is a very patient and personable dog groomer. We have used her services for many years and our dog loves her, he just runs right into her shop on his own. She loves all dogs and they love her”

Heather and Jack

“Jessy is amazing with dogs. Our dogs are like our children, we have a hard time just leaving them with anybody. When I drop our dogs off at Jessy’s shop, I don’t feel stressed or worried about them. She always does an amazing job grooming our dogs. She is so patient and loving to them. Our dogs are never nervous or scared when we pick them up.  I highly recommend Jesse’s grooming services to absolutely anybody that asks where to get a dog groomed.”

Katrina Johnson

“Jessy, our Beloved Auntie,
She’s our love. We are typical canines in that we don’t overly much like getting all gussied up, but when Jessy gussies us, it’s about as good as it gets. She makes sure we’re show-style by the time we leave, and our mom gets to stay with us. We love the bandanas she chooses especially for us, to remind us how special we are. That’s it – Jessy makes us feel special!”
Dian Cromer

Jessy's Tips & Tricks For Dog Grooming

Regular grooming with a brush or comb will help keep your pet’s hair in good condition by removing dirt, spreading natural oils throughout her coat, preventing tangles and keeping her skin clean and irritant-free. Plus, grooming time is a great time to check for fleas and flea dirt.

Connect with Us

Please feel free to contact me for more information about my services.

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